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12/13/2020 04:00:00 PM

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The database config file has gone missing!     That shouldn't happen unless you've been changing your configuration files

We initially use a php default for include files of /usr/share/php, but this doesn't seem to suit all webservers or installations.

As of version 0.7.1, /usr/share/php will be created if it's found to be missing.

Check that the directory /usr/share/php does actually exist, if it doesn't then create it - and report this scripts failure.

Check that its read | write permissions are suitable - 0755, owned by root

The file should have been accessable as
We can use include_path in wxobs/skin.conf to change that.
The include file will be regenerated on weewx's next report run, (unless you're using the undocumented feature - view the source Luke.) Or when report_timing allows.

If the problem persists, consider changing its location as wxobs/skin.conf will accept
include_path = /new_path/your_choice
where the path and name can be anything allowable by php, readable by the webserver, and preferably secure.

If you are using the [Remote] section - where the sqlite database and wxobs files are viewable from a remote server then the include file will be transferred into the dest_directory that is specified. Populating dest_directory allow the remote transfer to be considered.

If all else fails, report the problem as an issue - to its github site, or contact me directly.
There are also Wiki notes that may help for this, and setting up remote servers.